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Running a small business requires a lot of hard work, dedication and focus – sometimes it can feel like you’re juggling a million balls at once. It’s no wonder so many businesses struggle to get online. When are you supposed to have time for that? And still have a life?

It’s ok to ask for help. Your focus is where it should be – on your business, making sales and fulfilling your customers’ needs. Sometimes delegating is essential. Handing over your website (and logo) design to a pro will give your business that giant step forward. It’s time for you to shine online!

Photo credit Ingrid Stevens Photography

Photo credit Ingrid Stevens Photography

This is where we come in. My name is Patricia MacGregor - I’m the owner of Zuk Design Studio and a Squarespace website designer. Over the last decade I’ve helped dozens of small businesses get online. It wasn’t always that way – I’ve been where you are. As an artist, I was frustrated and overwhelmed by the tech of website design, so I set about building my skills and my business so I could help you with yours.

Empowering business owners and artists with beautiful websites that work for them, including all the bells and whistles like showcasing your artwork, booking your services, course registrations, complete online storefronts, newsletter marketing – this is my forte. And when your website is complete, I teach you to manage it yourself. So you can be independent, taking the overwhelm out and giving you the tools to move forward with confidence (prefer to have me manage your site for you? I can do that too.).

My personal joy is working with other entrepreneurs. I get to meet – and work with – the most amazing people. It’s true, I do love the design process, but I’m also a bit (ok, maybe a lot) of a techy nerd (I especially enjoy being able to customize sites using CSS code). Working with clients to take their dream online – and watching businesses flourish because of it – is my WHY I get up in the morning, pumped to start another day.

Between projects, you’ll usually find me at the beach with camera in hand, spending time with family, soaking in the salty air and filling my soul for the next design project.

Also need a professional logo? Meet Rosa Bennett, my logo designer.


Logo & Brand Designer

Hello, I’m Rosa

I have put some serious time in design (more years than I care to admit). My experience includes logo design, branding, package and label design, product imaging and much more. I have learned to produce memorable visuals that inspire true communication. I spend a lot of my time designing all sorts of assets for an international natural foods company as well as to ensure the brand materials are consistently strong. Some of my time I spend designing logos for Zuk Design Studio. We have collaborated on many projects together over many years and together we offer the best of two different skill sets.

I have developed the skill of listening to people and extracting what they need by asking questions that start conversations about expectations that lead to the right branding solution. I turn this information into logos that are loved, brands that really reach their audience and that are memorable, simple in form and hopefully a true representation of the entrepreneurs that own them.

In my spare time…I love photography, learning the ukulele, cooking for and dining out with friends and family.

Visit Rosa’s website for more information and examples of her work.

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