It's All About teamwork

Are We A Dream Team Waiting to Happen?

Let's talk about the elephant in the room: design gone wrong.

We've all heard the story…
You or someone you know hired a designer to create a new logo and/or website, and the project went awry.
In the past when we've seen this happen, the root of the issue has always been the same:
Either proper expectations weren't established from the start, or the client and designer just weren't compatible — or worse; both.

Hiring a designer is a huge investment, and we don't want any horror stories here!

Let's make sure we're a great fit for each other right from the start.



are ambitious, driven, and business-savvy, but also fun-loving, positive and soft-hearted at the core.

love our design aesthetic and know that it's a great fit for your brand.

are ready to enter a creative partnership with a designer & brand strategist who you can trust to guide your brand.

value timely, clear, and respectful communication.

are hiring a designer for a reason, and eager to take design direction from a professional who knows their stuff and has your brand's best interest at heart.

are ready and willing to fully invest your heart and mind into our project together, and understand that doing so is essential.



are honest and straightforward about what is best for your brand and audience.

employ tried & true one-concept approach to present a single, cohesive website +brand designs that we strongly feel are the best fit for your business based on an amalgamation of your preferences and extensive discovery and identity research for your business.

are responsive and thorough communicators, carefully explaining the thought behind our design decisions and educating our clients every step of the way.

care just as much about your business and brand as you do, and as such require thoughtful, thorough feedback from you throughout the design process to ensure that our final designs are a total success.

love streamlined processes, and guide you through a thorough, easy-to-follow design process that allows us to guarantee excellent work (provided you do your part!).



we respect each other's time and communication styles, and will honour work/life boundaries and agree on preferred methods of communication from the get-go.

we’ll partner together to create a brand aesthetic and story that is guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of your ideal client or customer.

we’ll work together collaboratively throughout your design project, with timely and clear communication being the key to our success.

we know that this is serious business, but also know it's supposed to be FUN. Positive attitudes everyone!

we all have a strong appreciation for custom, high-quality design; It's more than just graphics. It's visual storytelling.


But we’re Probably NOT a good fit for You If...

>> You have specific design instructions for us.
We’re creative designers with years of experience and the skills and training to back it up.
Our clients choose to work with us because they value our creative styles and trust that our professional design decisions are made with their brand's best interest at heart!

>> What if…you don't like the Squarespace platform.
As you may have gathered already, we specialize in designing websites exclusively with Squarespace.
We choose to work with this platform because it's beautiful, easy to use, and easy for our clients to learn!

>> You don't have the time to dedicate 2-3 weeks to your website or brand development.
We’re often asked how on earth a 2-3 week timeline is do-able, and the answer is always efficiency and communication.
In order for the Two Week Website and Three Week Website +Brand Experiences to work, you'll need to commit to doing your pre-design homework and communicating with us promptly!

>> You aren't ready to give up control and trust a designer with your brand.
Our clients value our professional opinion and creative style, and those who trust the process and respect our work have always seen the best results!

Think we’re a good fit?