Schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery call, then we book a date for your project
(50% deposit to hold your spot).


Onboard, you will receive a Welcome Package and a couple of questionnaires filled with all the info, tips and guidelines you'll need to make it easy for you to put your content together. You will submit all of your homework by the Thursday before your design date, so we’re ready to go on Day 1.


On Day 1….
we get on the phone for about an 1 hour to go through all of your content and discuss everything we'll need to make your website function the way you want it to.

During this first week we’ll build out your website with all the pages, and incorporate the content and styles from your homework.
By Friday… you will have access to preview your site, and the weekend to review and make a list of edits you would like implemented.


The second week is all about perfecting your site. We will work back and forth to refine and edit your site throughout the week. You have as many edits as you’d like, within your 2 week timeframe.

We will then tweak your SEO, link up any third-party integrations, refine and test your mobile site design.


The final Friday is… LAUNCH DAY!
We get on the phone for your 1-1.5 hour Squarespace training session and launch call.
You’ll make your second and final payment. Then we launch and celebrate!

We will still be available by email for any questions or concerns you may have for the next 2 weeks.

Are you in?