We’re often asked why we chose Squarespace for our clients’ sites over options like Wordpress. The truth is, Squarespace is much more than your average drag-and-drop template site builder.



Freedom. We believe in independence - and we know that is what our clients want too. Not having to pay someone to make changes on your site each and every time you want to change a photo or add some pages (but we can still do that, if that is what you want). And… with Squarespace, you will actually own your website.

Easy to learn. Squarespace enables us to build great websites on a platform that is easy for clients to learn, even for the not-so-techy types. We’ll teach you how. We even offer a DIY website course, in case you are a seriously independent techy-type and would rather design your own site.

Power of One. Squarespace takes care of all those software updates, plug-in installations and online security for you behind the scenes so you don't need to worry about a thing. And for those techy-types… Squarespace also has awesome analytics, so you can check your traffic and stats at a glance at any time.

Support. Squarespace also provides 24/7 online customer support, plus a huge library of video and step-by-step tutorials, which means that you'll easily be able to run your website yourself after we've built it for you.

Flexibility. Squarespace can be used for regular websites, online stores or blogs. You can integrate appointment booking, social media accounts, event calendars, newsletters captures, videos, multiple galleries, slideshows, and so much more. The options are endless and your website can easily grow and change when your business does.


Squarespace Circle


We're proud to be members of Squarespace Circle, a community for creative professionals who build websites on Squarespace. As a member of Square Circle, Squarespace's programme for designers and developers, anyone who works with us can benefit:

  • Six month trial period, rather than the standard two weeks. We'll have your website finished in two weeks, but if you need a little more time, you've got up to six months before your site will need to incur a paid subscription (hosting).

  • 20% discount for your first year of Squarespace when you subscribe to an annual payment plan.

  • You'll know your site is being built by an expert, with over a decade of web design and development under our belt plus a thorough knowledge of Squarespace's features. With our CSS skills, we will also customize your site so it doesn’t look like a template.

~ Peace of mind ~
Squarespace is user-friendly, powerful and beautiful. You will LOVE it too!